PickPoint SLA

Service Level Agreement
This SLA applies to paid members only. Paid users are those who pay monthly subscription fees to access and use PickPoint services.

We guarantee that PickPoint Service will be available 99.99% of the total time in a calendar month (the PickPoint SLA). In case PickPoint does not fulfill this obligation while a client fulfills its part of provisions in this document, the client is entitled to request PickPoint Credits in the manner described below.
Notifications Guarantee
  • Outage notification guarantee. We will contact your technical staff via email within one hour after receipt of a notification of the unavailability of the PickPoint Web Service.
  • Scheduled interruption notification guarantee. We will contact your technical staff by email no later than 48 hours before the scheduled temporary shutdown of our service.
These notifications shall be valid regardless of your or your representatives ability to receive them for any reason, including any kind of malfunction of your email system or incorrect email address specified in your profile contact information.

  • "Downtime" is the time during which the services are unavailable to users when they are scheduled to be available (more than a five per cent user error rate). Downtime period is calculated based on the server-side error rate.
  • "PickPoint Service" is a geolocation service of user data available at https://api.pickpoint.io.
  • "Monthly Uptime Rate" is the total number of minutes in a calendar month, minus Downtime periods within that month in minutes, divided by the total number of minutes in that month.
PickPoint SLA exceptions
The Downtime concept does not include any kind of failures and malfunctions of your equipment, applications, software, codes, hardware, actions and missteps made by you and / or our users, payment failures, packet losses, planned and unplanned unavailability of telecommunication provider services, or other failures arising due to reasons beyond our direct control, such as force majeure.
PickPoint may modify, improve, or remove one or more of the above listed terms at any time. The changes made are considered valid after they are published on this website.