Pick Point is powerful geocoding service

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Pick Point provides simplest way for geocoding

Strict positioning

Service provides access to large index of addresses and locations. The database updates every day.

Trivial API

It doesn't require to use additional libraries or scripts in your application. You can track your requests.

Intensive usage ready

Service is ready to handle as many requests as you need: one or hundred in a second - doesn't matter.

OpenStreetMap & Nominatim

Pick Point built on top of OpenStreetMap data structured with Nominatim and accelerated by our cloud infrastructure and additional technical solutions.


Materialize your software in the real World

Web sites

Pick Point is an easiest way to associate your data with recognized locations.

Mobile applications

You can quickly implement a logic to get a location description.






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0$ / month

  • 2,500 API calls/day
  • Overage N/A
  • Noncommercial use only


50$ / month

  • 25,000 API calls/day
  • Overage N/A
  • Commercial use


100$ / month

  • 100,000 API calls/day
  • 0.006¢ per extra
  • Commercial use


500$ / month

  • 500,000 API calls/day
  • 0.004¢ per extra
  • Commercial use

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